Fun places to go in the Phoenix, Arizona area when temperatures get hot, hot, hot.

Summertime has come and the infamous Phoenix summertime temperatures are closing in. Tis’ the season when many residents in the Valley of the Sun are questioning why they willingly chose to live in Arizona. (It is quite easy to forget that Phoenix sees beautiful breezy winters and the refreshing spring temperatures that would make many envious). Being outdoors is currently hazardous due to the sweltering sun. For your safety, it’s best to stay indoors where the AC is blasting.

I have lived in Arizona nearly my whole life. Growing up in North Phoenix has taught me that you don’t have to spend a day out to have a fun day. There is something inherently relaxing about a nice day-in, whether that’s in your home or in a mall. Here are some places that my family and I like to go when the heat gets blistering.

Scottsdale Fashion Square. This mall has been a love of my mother and sister since they first stepped foot in the mall in 2000. I remember being small and marveling at the exquisite store-fronts; it was like stepping into a luxurious dream. This mall features many luxury stores, including Prada, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Neiman Marcus, and more. If those stores are out of your price range, there are tons of mid-level priced stores such as Hollister, Macy’s, and GAP.

Desert Ridge. This is another shopping center, only outdoors. It sounds crazy to go to an outdoor shopping mall during the Arizona summer, but hear me out. This mall contains water misters to cool guests off while shopping. The stores here are more mid-price range, so this mall may be better to hang out at while on a budget. This mall has a large Dave and Buster’s that gives you a fun indoor family arcade night. There are plenty of restaurants and large stores such as DSW, Target, and Kohl’s, you can retreat to on a hot summer’s day.

Indoor trampoline centers. Many large retail spaces have opened up, due to consumers shopping online now more than ever. With so many empty retail space, trampoline and activity centers have made their way in. This option is great if you have children; this option will release some pent-up energy and blow off some steam (all while keeping your family cool). Altitude and Skyzone Trampoline centers are located in the Scottsdale-Phoenix area and are sure to create some fun family memories.

Waterparks. Who doesn’t love a waterpark? All the adrenaline junkies are in luck, as the Phoenix area is home to many great waterparks, such as Hurricane Harbor in Glendale and Big Surf over in Tempe. A day out on the waterslides is sure to be fun for all ages,so pack up your towels and swimsuits and go!

Many dread the Arizona summer. Snowbirds are known to avoid the Arizona heat like the plague. But don’t let the extreme weather stop you from enjoying yourself. You need to be sure to stay hydrated and stay in the A/C as much as possible. So come on and beat the Arizona heat.

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