Why I Got into Food Blogging

I have long been passionate about healthy eating. I am also vehemently opposed to animal product consumption, with a deep understanding of the ethical obligations of veganism. All throughout most of my life, I ate unhealthy. I had no regard for what I put into my body. Eating vegetables seemed more like a chore and an obligation, as opposed to a choice. In a society which is filled with junk food at every street corner, many of those who want to eat healthy do not know where to even start.

Healthy eating not easy and accessible to many. In America, our social lives often revolve around alcohol and unhealthy food. Veganism is often looked at as an extreme and unreasonable lifestyle. Many of those who desire to be fit and healthy view it as something which is only attainable for the young and privileged in society. I want healthy vegan eating to seem accessible and attainable to all.

I want to provide an online presence of accessible clean and healthy eating. I want to be the blog that I would have needed when I first started eating healthy.

My biggest tip to those who want to develop a social media presence is to develop an online presence that the past you would have needed.

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