Highest Temperatures of 2022 Take Over Phoenix, Arizona

The state of Arizona is famous for its’ Grand Canyon, Sedona, a large entertainment landscape, and most importantly, extreme blistering heat. Yes, this is the time of year that those living in the Valley of the Sun dread the most. While families across the country enjoy outdoor BBQs and vast hikes through nature, Phoenix residents are retreating to the air-conditioned confines of their homes. While our winters see beautiful, moderately cool temperatures, the summertime rears it’s vengeful head with temperatures that often fall into the triple digits. Very few places in the world experience such harsh weather. Oh well, at least it’s a dry heat, right?

No week in the year of 2019 has seen such an abrasive onslaught of high temps as much as this week. On July 11, 2019, Phoenix experienced the hottest day of 2019. Temperatures skyrocketed to 114 degrees Fahrenheit. It sounds quite outrageous to those who do not live in this area. How does one even survive such unhabitable weather? Well, the gift of the A/C of course! It is recommended that Phoenix residents stay indoors throughout the day, only going outside at the break of dawn, and well into the night. Of course, be sure to stay hydrated. If you want to have a fun day out, check out my blog post detailing the best places to go in Phoenix when it is too hot spend a day out in the sun.

Oh well, at least it’s not as bad as it was on June 26, 1990. That was Phoenix’s record-breaking high, at 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Growing up in Phoenix, it seems as though all those who were there that day remembered it. I was often told how Sky Harbor Airport had to redirect flights, as the heat on the cement was far too hot for the airplane tires to withstand. The day seemed to be the stuff of legends.

All throughout the next week, temperatures are expected to top 110 degrees. It’s just what we put up with, living where we are. Remember residents, in months when people in northern states experience hazardous blizzards, we see breezy, cool weather. Why do you think we get so many snowbirds? It’s simply a trade-off. So fellow Arizonans, be sure to stay hydrated and do not go outside, unless it is absolutely necessary. It may be unpleasant now, but you’ll have the last laugh in December. While you’re sitting by the pool, drinking margaritas, others will be retreating from blizzards.

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